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Community Action Tools

Find guides and toolkits that will help you to take action to minimize exposure.

  • Find A Beach: Beach Advisory and Closing
    Interactive online map for finding the latest notifications of beach advisories and closings.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • TOXMAP: Environmental Health Maps
    A map that enables users to visually explore data regarding toxic chemicals in a specific community.
    (National Library of Medicine)
  • National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network
    Network that brings together health data and environment data from national, state, and city sources, with data and information on environments and hazards, health effects, and population health.
    (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • Find a Beach
    Interactive online map for finding the latest notifications of beach advisories and closings.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • EJSCREEN: An Environmental Justice Screening and Mapping Tool
    An environmental justice mapping and screening tool that lets users select geographic areas, then provides demographic and environmental indicators for that area, as well as guides for using the tool, and interpreting results.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Envirofacts
    A database that enables you to search an area for information on environmental indicators such as air, waste, land, toxics, water, and radiation.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • TRI Explorer
    A resource to generate reports on releases, transfers, and management of waste that can be displayed by facility, chemical, geographic area, industry (NAICS code), reporting years, or map.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • AirNow: Interactive Map of Air Quality
    A map showing daily trends on ozone and particulate matter.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • ATSDR Action Model Toolkit
    An interactive tool that helps you identify brownfields in your neighborhood, and make plans to revitalize the land in your community.
    (Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)
  • Policy Surveillance
    Legal mapping and policy surveillance tool for finding reliable information about laws and policies that influence public heath.
    (Temple University Beasley School of Law)
  • Building Understanding of Environmental Health
    Toolkit that equips environmental health professionals to frame environmental health issues as important matters of public concern.
    (Frameworks Institute)
  • Environmental Health State Bill Tracking Database
    A database for tracking state legislation that has been introduced, adopted, and enacted to address environmental health.
    (National Conference of State Legislatures)
  • Environmental Health Media Toolkits
    Media toolkits with tips for responding to conditions relevant to environmental health, such as asthma, extreme heat, flooding, hurricanes, radiation emergencies, and winter weather.
    (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
  • EPA Enforcement
    Information on government enforcement actions to reduce air and water pollution, and clean up sites contaminated by waste and chemicals, including links to national compliance initiatives, enforcement cases and data, policy, guidance, and publications.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • ECHO Enforcement and Compliance History Online
    A database for finding facilities in your community to assess their compliance with environmental regulations.
    (Environmental Protection Agency)
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