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What is it?

More than nine million U.S. construction workers build and maintain houses, roads, workplaces, and other projects. They include brick masons, carpenters, drywall installers, iron workers, plumbers, roofers, and welders. Electricians, engineers, and painters also work in construction. They can all be exposed to health and safety risks on construction sites. 

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Why is it a concern?

Workers may be exposed to harmful chemicals that are in construction materials or are released during construction. Safety concerns in construction include falls, vehicle accidents, electrocution, machinery, falling objects, noise, and trench cave-ins on construction sites. 

Who is at risk?

  • Construction workers
  • Other people who access or pass near construction sites  
  • People doing home renovations

What pollutants are of greatest concern?

Reduce your risk

  • Do you live near a construction site?
  • Is your home undergoing renovation?
  • Avoid unnecessary access to construction sites. 
    • Only trained professionals should access construction sites. 
    • Keep children away from such sites.
  • Use a certified and insured professional contractor, especially in any renovation that might have asbestos exposure.
  • Use solvents and chemical products safely.
  • Know the risks of your construction project and take steps to minimize the risks.
  • Reduce the risks of fires on construction sites.
  • Wear proper protective gear.
  • Maintain fall protection systems.

Keep children away from construction sites.

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Additional Resources
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