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Tools for Teachers

Find resources for making the connection between environment and health in your classroom.


The tools for teacher page provides activities and resources you can use with your class to stimulate learning about environmental health issues.

Why use Tox Town in the classroom?

  • Tox Town presents information about the relationship between the environment and human health, as well as the connection between science, technology, society and health. These concepts correspond to ESS3 Earth and Human Activity domain area of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).
  • The site aids students in for searching information relevant to their own communities and supports social action.
  • The information, vetted by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), is easily accessed over the Internet: no fees, no registration, no advertising.
  • Tox Town can be used in curricula that meet state standards in both science and other subjects: Reading, Social Studies, Technology, as well as interdisciplinary lessons.

These brief NLM-produced videos provide engaging, easy to understand information about the impact of the environment on human health.



What in the World is Arsenic? Arsenic in our Food. - While eating lunch, three students begin to wonder about the safety of eating foods that contain arsenic. Through their research, they will discover where arsenic is found, how it is used, and its effects on human health.


Silent but Leadly: Toxicity of Lead - Professor Plumbum takes intergalactic superhero Leadman on a historic tour about properties and uses of lead, convincing him to redesign his suit into something less… leadly.


Mercury and Our Health - An animation about mercury, where it is found, how it is used, and the effects on human health.


Super Mallio Brothers - This parody on a classic video game teaches students about the dangers of the chemicals used in the production of plastics for the environment and human health.

Farmtastic Plastic - In this animated adventure, Polly Mer guides Olivia through the process of “growing” plastics on a plastics farm, introducing her to concepts such as monomers and polymers in a game-like environment.

Phthalamon: Phthalates and Your Health - This lighthearted animation tackles phthalates, the chemicals used to make plastics more durable and flexible, and the risks they present to human health.

World of Plasticraft - Journey with Pollymer and two gameworld adventurers to a faraway land of Plasteroth. Here, leading a quest to forge the powerful Recy’clar sword, she will explain the different types of plastics and their recycling programs.

Air Pollution

Monte Mold Chronicles - Join Monte Mold as he helps to explain how mold grows, its benefits to humans and the environment, and the potential risks to human health.

Robot ZERO's Ozone Adventure - Well-intentioned, but misguided outer space robot ZERO comes to Earth to help humans by spraying them with ozone. There, ZERO meets a scientist who explains ZERO’s mistake by helping him understand the difference between atmospheric and ground-level ozone.

Something in the Air: Particulate Matter and Your Health  - Agents Aeon and Amethyst investigate toxic effects of Hawthorne Hipster’s unusual bonfire. An animation about particulate matter, where it is found, and its effects on human health.

Water Pollution

Desalination: A Solution for Our Water Needs  - Animated video on the desalination process.

Chemicals/Toxicology/Hazardous Waste

Climate Change

General Environmental Health and Environmental Science

Understanding Risk

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